2012 College Admission Yields and Wait-List Offers Released

For those seniors wondering what their chances are of getting a wait-list offer to their dream school, this entry posted by The New York Times Choice Blog may give some insight. While the numbers are far from perfect, it may give an early indication of how many students will still be needed to fill up the class of 2016. Here are a few highlights:

Harvard’s yield has increased, again, to nearly 81 percent. This news parallels with its increased selectivity: Harvard accepted only 5.9 percent of its more than 34,000 applicants this year, making it slightly more selective than the 6.2 percent of applicants who were offered admission into the Class of 2015. Harvard anticipates that it will admit only 25 students from its waiting list.

Stanford (Calif.): With a yield of nearly 73.6 percent, this selective university has a yield that rivals the Ivy League. Unlike in years’ past, Stanford has no plans to admit any students from its wait list.

University of Chicago: Yield of 46.8 percent, a significant increase from 39.9 percent last year. The university is also admitting a record proportion of Latino and African-American students; 42 percent of the incoming class are students of color.




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First College Essay Update of the 2012/2013 Season

It’s official: The 2012/2013 college application season has begun!

Georgia Tech has posted a preview of its essay prompts for the new application season, and after confirming with the university that these are the official questions, we've updated them in College Essay Organizer. We appreciate Georgia Tech's awareness of the stress involved in the essay process when they write: "If you are anxious to get a head start on your application, we would encourage you to work on your essay - the portion of the application that most student's report takes the longest to complete."

Notwithstanding (or perhaps because of) Georgia Tech's ironic typo when emphasizing the difficulty of the writing process (highlighted by us in red), we agree that the college essay process is absolutely the most time-consuming and challenging part for applicants, and we're the only site (including the Common App and Naviance) that makes it a much smoother, more successful experience.

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Essay on Community

Colleges want to know that students will be committed to being an active member of their communities when they get there. This student wrote the essay below when colleges asked her to describe a significant community experience. Through describing her commitment to her current school, she demonstrated that she will be a valuable member of her future college.  

At the end of my junior year I decided to run for Student Council President, rhyming my entire speech, with friends on backup vocals, to Slick Rick’s “La Di Da Di.” Although I did not win, I stand by my platform: more social unity and school spirit—cliché maybe, but valid nonetheless. No one ever came to my basketball games and most of the students didn’t even know what our school colors were. Without a football team or pep rallies, Highland High suffers from a lack of student involvement. I wanted to change that.

Since 9th grade I have been heavily involved in Red Door, a club whose student members tour prospective parents around the school. This club encourages students to take pride in themselves and in the school, and has always meant a great deal to me. A parent I toured last year asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’m sure he expected to hear “doctor” or “lawyer” but I proudly said, “Rock star!” and prepared for the questions. I explained that Highland High offers a wide variety of classes for future rock stars. Aside from regular music classes, there are music writing classes using computers, a music appreciation club that experiments with instruments, and speech class to help with press conferences after the show.

My commitment to Highland High continues through the Arts and Crafts Club I started last year—objectively the greatest club in Highland High's prestigious history. In truth, it does have the most regular members who meet once a week, and the main goal is to add a spike of childhood back into our busy city lives. We use things we don’t have in our art classes, like Play-Doh or Silly String, and make ginger bread houses, bracelets, and tye dye. Together we strive to build a creative environment that adds to the Highland High community and makes us all view our school like a second home.

Take a Moment to De-Stress

When you're starting to feel like this, watch our videos.

May 13, 2012

For juniors starting to contemplate the anxieties of the college application process up ahead, we wanted to pass on these great stress buster videos, which will definitely release some of that tension. In addition, stay tuned in to our blog as we regularly post updates on how to stay on top of the process. We also hold free webinars throughout the season, allowing for individual questions to be addressed.



More Answers to More Educational Consultant Questions

This is the last installment of our Q & A Series highlighting common questions asked by educational consultants considering how best to streamline the college essay process. Please let us know if you have any other questions that you would like to see listed here.


14. Will you be adding essay questions for transfer students?

We don't have enough demand for transfer applicants at this point in time. Most students who want to transfer typically apply to only one or two specific colleges, making College Essay Organizer less useful to them.


15. Do you value customer service?

We place great value on our customers, and provide quick and accurate responses to all inquiries. We are always available by email and phone to further discuss how we can improve your experience if you feel anything is in need of improvement.



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More Answers to More Educational Consultant Questions

The Q & A Series continues with more common questions that educational consultants frequently ask. Please let us know if you have any other questions that you would like to see listed here.


11. Is there always a word or character count listed for every essay?

We always include the listed word or character limit for each question if it is provided on the application. Instances in which essay lengths are listed as "Short space provided" (or something similar) refer to physical limits on a paper application. When there are discrepancies between the stated lengths of questions in the online and paper applications, College Essay Organizer lists the questions for the online application.


12. How useful are College Essay Organizer's essay samples?

We post what we deem to be "very strong" essays. We have found that posting truly exceptional essays intimidates students who are poor writers or are uncomfortable writing about themselves. We'll be adding more samples this year, which should give your students a broader range of essay topics to review.


13. Is there anything that I can do to improve the format when printing the RoadMap results?

We have added functionality to remove any questions, which will reduce the length of your printed document as much as you choose. If you are copying and pasting into a Word document, you can reduce the amount of space between lines by making sure the document is single-spaced with zero paragraph spacing before and after each line (look for this setting in the Alignment and Spacing section of the formatting palette). If you have further questions about formatting your RoadMap for your students and their families, please just send us an email and we'll be happy to help you out.

You may want to consider giving your clients access to their College Essay Organizer accounts, rather than printing out reports, as many consultants have found that sharing College Essay Organizer with their clients serves two key purposes: first, it validates the need for your services, as College Essay Organizer demonstrates the sheer magnitude of the essay process; second, it delivers a clear plan that parents can follow if they wish and empowers students to work more efficiently and proactively on their own.

More Answers to More Educational Consultant Questions

For educational consultants who want to figure out how best to integrate College Essay Organizer into their practice, we are posting more commonly asked questions and answers. If you happen to have a question that you do not see, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help you.


7. I found that I did not use the RoadMap as much as I could have. Do you have any suggestions to help me make better use of it?

The RoadMap provides a suggested plan for organizing your essay questions and shows the overlapping themes among your essays. But one of its best features is that it provides as many topic options as possible for each essay that the student needs to write. Take advantage of this flexibility! It is ultimately up to the independent consultant and the student to relate the student's life to the broad themes addressed by the essay questions. But choose your topics carefully and specifically. It will make the writing process quicker and simpler, and increase the quality of the essays.

We are always improving the RoadMap's functionality and ease of use. This season, we have greatly simplified the layout of the RoadMap, and have added note-taking and essay uploading features to make College Essay Organizer your one-stop source for guiding students through the essay writing process.

If you would like to go over these upgrades individually, or find out how to optimize your clients' experience using College Essay Organizer, please let us know and we'll arrange a private demo with Dan Stern, our president. We're confident you'll find that the new and improved College Essay Organizer will guide students more clearly and successfully.


8. Will you be adding any additional tutorials for independent consultants?

We will be including additional resources to help new users this coming season, including live webinars that explain how to best use College Essay Organizer and that cover various essay topics. We will also include materials you can share with clients that allow them to optimize their College Essay Organizer experience. Though these additions aren't required to use College Essay Organizer or understand its benefits, they can help improve the experience for all.


9. Is it possible to use only the QuickFinder for my clients?

We do not currently offer QuickFinder-only accounts through the Master Account platform.


10. Why not?

We have developed the RoadMap around the QuickFinder format, allowing the RoadMap to function as a flexible, modifiable QuickFinder. Now that we've added an essay-sharing platform to make communication between you and your students even easier, College Essay Organizer has become a one-stop shop for the college essay writing process. We see the RoadMap as the core of that experience. The overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the RoadMap, as well as the upgrades that make the RoadMap even easier to interpret now, makes clear that this is the best approach for our users.



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See You In Boston!

College Essay Organizer will be at this week's IECA Spring Conference in Boston and we invite you to visit our booth and say hello! We're looking forward to seeing the many people we've emailed and spoken with throughout the year as well as meeting new faces.You'll be able to see our newest upgrades:

  • An even easier-to-read layout for 2012/2013 (wait until you see it!)
  • Co-brand your account so clients see your logo when logged in
  • Select up to 25 colleges for each client
  • Upload, edit, and track the status of essay drafts within each client's account

We will be answering all questions and providing private demonstrations as requested. Plus, one IECA member who stops by will win a FREE master account with five student accounts to be used this coming season!

It has been a terrific year for us at College Essay Organizer, in large part because of IECA and its wonderful membership, and we're excited to be joining you in Boston.See you soon!
Dan Stern

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