Bard College Adds New Application Option

Colleges are getting more and more creative as they attempt to increase the number of applications they receive, allowing schools to become increasingly more selective. Bard College recently added an additional option for applicants to bypass standardized testing and apply through an online exam requiring students to write 4 essays of 2500 words each in order to prove their ability to engage in college-level work. To access the Bard Entrance Examination, click here.

This definitely further opens the doors for qualified applicants who are not great test-takers and will no doubt increase the growing trend of test-optional schools. The essay process has always been the most important way for colleges to get a more holistic feel for a student, so why not add more essays to learn more about a student, and perhaps, as Bard hopes, have the students learn something important about themselves along the way? To view the complete article, click here.

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