Malia Obama is Applying Too!

You're closer than you think!

You're closer than you think!

It's somehow comforting to know that all seniors have to go through the college admissions process, including Malia Obama, and that even President Obama is thinking about it! This New York Times article offers some great advice from our President, that we think all seniors could use right about now.

  1. Don't "stress too much about getting into one particular college. Just because it's not some name-brand, famous, fancy school doesn't mean that you're not going to get a great education there."
  2. "Keep your grades up until you get in, and after that, make sure you pass."
  3. "Stretch yourself. Because this is the time to do it, when you’re young.”

And we think the advice extends beyond applying to college! Well, maybe not the part about just passing...but in the sense of taking a balanced approach to everything that comes your way. In the end, there are certain things that will be out of your control like which schools accept you, but whichever school you end up attending, it will be in your control to take advantage of the resources available to you, and turn it into the experience that you are dreaming college will be.

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