Didn't get in early? Or just procrastinating? Here's how you finish up strong!

timeWhile we hope you got in early, if you didn't, you're not alone. More than 70% of applicants who apply early don't get in and many students wait until the last minute. But you can still submit winning applications that get you accepted! For tips, check out this webcast with Dan Stern, founder of College Essay Organizer. It will help you rock the essays for the rest of your schools.

To finish quickly and get accepted, remember that 97% of students who upgrade to our Essay RoadMap finish faster and significantly increase their admissions chances.

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What to do if You're Deferred

deferAs early application notifications head your way, you may be undergoing some anxious moments. If things don't go your way, remember to keep breathing! It may be helpful to take a moment to reflect on your options moving forward, knowing that ultimately you will wind up at the right place, and that college is more about what you make it than where you go.

If you do get a deferral, you should still continue applying to additional colleges, but there are a few steps you can take that could increase your chances of getting in. This Common App article highlights some important points:

  • A deferral means that you are still in the running along with other regular applicants, and you are no longer bound to accept an offer of admission.
  • Take your time before communicating with the college to ensure that you can calmly express yourself without sending the wrong message.
  • Research what the school recommends you do and don't do. Usually there are some specific steps you can take to let a school know you are still highly interested such as sending along a commitment letter after some time has elapsed.
  • Find out how many deferred applicants have been admitted in past years so that you have a better idea of what to expect.
  • Inquire if taking an additional round of standardized testing would be possible or helpful.
  • Don't blame yourself or your application. Instead, focus on your remaining applications, schoolwork, and relaxing with friends and family as much as possible as you bring in the new year.


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Will You Receive Your College Acceptance Via Snapchat?

wisconsinAs you anxiously await your early admission letters, you have yet another place to look for them! While notifications have largely moved online speeding up the process and allowing for students to be notified at the identical time, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is taking this to a new level.

According to this U. S. News article, the school shared its good news by delivering a photo message via Snapchat since the school knows that much of students' free time is spent on the app. While accepted students still receive a congratulatory email and welcome packet in the mail, this will further speed up delivery, and excited students often respond with a selfie.

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