Get the Most Out of College

As thousands of students across the country begin their college careers, it's important to remember that college is what you make of it. Here are some tips by Frank Bruni that will help you make the most out of your college experience and come out happier and ready for life on the other side:

  • Keep the focus on learning how to build a happy life. Beyond academics, college is about finding your passions.
  • Establish deep connections with a mentor. Don't forget to take advantage of the professors who are there to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to create a fulfilling career.
  • Stay social. Isolating yourself can lead to anxiety and depression.
  • Maintain balance. Regulate time on social media, don't abuse drugs and alcohol, and make sure to get enough sleep.

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Tulane Broadens the Definition of Official Test Scores

Everyone is aware of the ever-rising cost of attending college, but the price tag on applying often gets overlooked. Not only can the applications themselves run over a thousand dollars if you're applying to a dozen schools, but there are also additional fees for sending test scores.

In an attempt to decrease costs and stress for applicants, Tulane is now accepting test score reports not submitted directly by the ACT or the College Board. Here are the steps to send them:

  • Take a screenshot or scan the official score report.
  • Email the score report to [email protected]
  • Ensure that the student’s name, date of birth, test month and year, and scores are legible on the score report.

If you have questions, please call Tulane at (800) 873-9283 or reach out to your school’s admission counselor.

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Harvard's Admissions Secrets

The now well-publicized lawsuit accusing Harvard of 'Racial Rebalancing' has led to aspects of Harvard's much-hidden admissions process to finally come to light. While Metro Academic Prep has been aware of this process for years and regularly shares it with its clients, this article allows the general public to learn more about what happens behind the scenes. Here are some of the highlights:

  • During a final review of tentatively admitted students, the dean and the director of admissions decide how many students need to be "lopped," by changing their status to waitlist or deny.
  • Applicants who are borderline academically can be "Z-ed" off the waitlist if they are on the dean's interest list (usually indicating that the family has made a large donation to the school).
  • "Tips" are given to five groups of applicants: racial and ethnic minorities; legacies, or the children of Harvard or Radcliffe alumni; relatives of a Harvard donor; the children of staff or faculty members; and recruited athletes.
  • Applicants are given a personal rating which considers character and personality, and Asian-Americans are regularly given poor ratings reducing their chances of admission.


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