Bringing Levity to the College Admissions Process

stanfordStudents are gearing up to hear from the remainder of their colleges over the next couple weeks, which always makes for a tense time for anyone involved in the application process. And we all know how admissions statistics have been going down every year with some top schools admitting less than 6% of applicants. Bearing that in mind, and keeping sight of the absurdity of it all (keep rolling with the punches, and you will find a school that's right for you!), it's refreshing to see today's article in the New York Times poking fun at the process:

"PALO ALTO, California — Cementing its standing as the most selective institution of higher education in the country, Stanford University announced this week that it had once again received a record-setting number of applications and that its acceptance rate — which had dropped to a previously uncharted low of 5 percent last year — plummeted all the way to its inevitable conclusion of 0 percent.

With no one admitted to the class of 2020, Stanford is assured that no other school can match its desirability in the near future."

To read the rest of the article, and have a needed laugh in the process, click here.

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