College Admissions Advice

Who is dealing with it better? You or your parents?

With seniors recently receiving their admissions decisions from their colleges, there are lots of stressed out kids and, perhaps, even more stressed out parents. J.D. Rothman, a television comedy writer and Emmy award winner, found herself in this boat when her two sons were going through the college application process. Her solution to this problem was to start a blog, The Neurotic Parent, which offers advice to other neurotic parents on how to survive the process.

Her latest post, entitled “Why your brilliant child didn’t get into the ivies,” helps parents understand or at least see the humor in their child’s rejection. Her final explanation definitely helps take the weight off of parents’ shoulders: “The admissions people, who say they consider each applicant ‘holistically’ and pay no attention to who needs financial aid, are actually sitting in a room eating pizza and throwing darts. So find solace in the fact that they've rejected your brilliant child for no good reason at all.“

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