College Application Help: There Are Just Too Many Of These Things

Somewhere in the nineties there was a flat-out boom in college applications. The kids of the baby-boomers came of age and started applying to college en masse, creating demand for top education like there had never been before.

What that means now is a standard of applying to six, eight, even twelve or more universities for most high school students, especially those applying to competitive schools, where they may be rejected despite being academically qualified, for reasons outside their control.

And what that means is a big ol’ pile of college apps, with their requisite essays, recommendations, and other assorted paperwork to bog students down right when they need it the least.



But what’s often overlooked are the many supplemental essays schools require, in the interest of distinguishing themselves from the other schools you might be applying to with the Common App. These can pile up, making 10 or more essays required of you, on top of the standard long- and short-answer responses the CA needs for every application.

Later this week we're going to do some posts about the colleges with the most ridiculous lists of requirements and see how we can whittle them down quickly, often by repurposing writing that's already been done. It will be a bit light-hearted because the bottom line is that each college has its own requirements reasons they think are quite important. But... we'll see about that.

It’s a jungle out there but use the tools that have shown up and are right at your fingertips to make the thing more navigable. You’re almost there! Stay tuned.

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