College Decision Time Approaches

Deciding which college will be the best fit for you is no easy task.

After all the waiting from colleges, the table is finally beginning to turn. It is soon the turn of the colleges to wait and see how many of their offers are accepted. Although much of the pressure of the application season is now in the past, there is still a bit remaining, especially for those students with a decision to make. Sometimes too many options make things more difficult rather than less.

If you want to commiserate or just be part of the soul-searching that goes on during such a decision, the NY Times Choice Blog features a group of students each season, following them through the process. You can read here as they deliberate about where they should go next fall. While definitely a challenging time, if your college list was well thought out, any of the colleges you applied to should be a great fit. In any case, it is worth taking the time to further research each school to make the best decision. Once that process is complete, the best thing to do is to move forward trusting that you did your best to secure a happy and successful college experience.

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