College Essay Writing For Summer: Preparing Ahead of Time

No, no, no, no, no.

You have a summer. Don't spend it like this guy.

One of the great advantages CEO provides to its users is the ability to get a head start on what can be a pretty humungous amount of work. Access to our database comes along with a weekly emailer, letting you know which schools' requirements have been updated for the coming year, and giving you a chance to get out in front of that pile while you still have the time to do it.

The rude, nay, completely unacceptable reality of senior year is that your superiors insist on continuing to give you homework despite your being a full 75% complete with your high school education. What I'm saying is that seniors have work. Papers. Math. Things to do.

Piling the applications and essays has loads of upsides for you, but the amount of work and the creeping deadlines are not part of those upsides.

So here it is, July already, and after that, there's, you know, August. Months when you may find yourself with a wee bit of free time. Working with CEO can help you turn September and October's piles into very manageable slates of work. Get started ahead of time and knock those essays out beforehand, so your revisions in the fall feel more like tweaks and fine-tuning. The kind of work that turns high school writing into actual, honestly good writing.

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