Jump-start the College Essay Process

Start brainstorming for the college essay process

The blistering heat of summer brings lazy, lethargic days. What smarter way to spend these hours than to jump-start the college essay process? The New York Times Choice Blog just posted a college application checklist here, recommending seniors to take advantage of summertime freedom and begin writing required essays before the school year begins.

Although the Common Application does not go live until August 1, 2012, many colleges and universities release supplemental essay questions during the summer, and the Common Application’s long and short essays have been confirmed. To keep track of these early releases, be sure to create your College Essay Organizer account now, as schools are updated as early as possible.

Simply brainstorming ideas when you have free time will pay off in the long run. Ann E. Selvetti of the New York Times advises seniors to “Give yourself the gift of time for the fall by getting as much done as possible this summer. Every year, seniors lament frittering away their summertime instead of using it to get a head start.” So instead of sunbathing on your deck this afternoon, grab a pencil and notepad and start jotting down ideas for your essay questions. When the cold autumn wind blows into town, you will thank yourself for starting early.

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