Keeping Busy While You Wait For Those College Decisions

Make the time fly by keeping busy.

Though it feels great to have those college applications out of the way, for many the patience required to wait till college decisions are received can be the toughest part of the process. Sush Krishnamoorthy, a college senior from India documenting her application experiences here on The NY Times Choice Blog, discusses her own recommendations for this difficult time: "The only way to avoid this futile anxiety is to be occupied with something else. So I am making plans for the summer. I have more than four months of summer vacation this year and I want to make the most of it."

Keeping busy is definitely the best way to pass the time till April 1, and beginning to think about how you will spend the summer ahead can be a great place to focus some of that restless energy. After all, it's the last summer before college, so finding a way to make it count is important.

And for juniors thinking ahead, take advantage of this summer as a way to wow colleges when you apply next fall. Considering a program that can eventually inspire a stellar essay should also be a priority. Krishnamoorthy discusses her amazing experience at the Summer Science Program: "Students work in teams of three to determine the orbit of an asteroid. It requires more than six weeks of observations and attending college-level lectures in astronomy, physics, math and programming."

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