New SAT Test to Debut in 2016

satWe've been hearing about the new SAT for a while now, and yesterday additional details were revealed by College Board president David Coleman who criticized both the SAT and ACT as straying away from learning. Many were quick to point out that the ACT has always steered in that direction more than the SAT, and as president of ACT's education division expressed, "It seems like they’re mostly following what we’ve always done.”

Here are a few of the central changes as summed up in this article:

  • The SAT will return to a 1,600-point scale with a maximum of 800 in math and reading taken in three hours, and an optional 50 minute essay scored separately.
  • There will no longer be a guessing penalty where points are deducted for wrong answers.
  • Vocabulary will focus on commonly-used college-level words, rather than words that are out of use.
  • Reading passages will contain excerpts from "founding documents" and historical texts, as well as source documents from science, social studies, and other disciplines.
  • Math will focus on the type of math required in college courses and beyond including linear and complex equations,  ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning. Calculators will only be used on some sections.
  • The optional essay will require analysis on how the author has used evidence and reasoning to support his position.

Check here for the unveiling of a sample of the new SAT on April 16.

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