Not All Writing Supplements will be Available on August 1

We're just a few nights away from the Common App going live on August 1, and many of us are still wondering what will happen. The Common App has promised that all supplemental essays will go live on August 1 this season despite that not being the case in previous years. Nonetheless, its June 14 posting on its facebook page stated the following:

Since many of you have asked: Yes, all Writing Supplement questions will go live for all members when CA4 launches on August 1.

Today's posting suggests that this will no longer be the case:

On August 1, CA4 will launch and officially become the 2013-14 Common Application. It's hard to overstate the magnitude of change we're implementing for our 517 member colleges. To make sure their individual Questions and Writing Supplements work as they should, we're providing additional testing time for any college that needs it. To be clear, students will be able to access and work through every page of every screen within the Common App itself. College pages that are still in testing will display a message requesting students to check back later. Thank you in advance for your patience as we help our member colleges to put the finishing touches on their good work.

So, there we have it. The release of supplemental essay questions may once again be spread out. Whatever the case may be, we'll be updating them in your College Essay Organizer accounts as they become available, and we can't wait to get started!

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