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Wasn't I Supposed To... Do..... Something.......

Wasn't I Supposed To... Do..... Something.......

It's March 1st, which means most if not all of the applications are out the door for seniors by now. But if you're a junior, now is the time to get started with CEO and have a look at the benefits it provides if you've still got a year in front of you.

When you think about your senior year, what do you think about? Probably not your bright and shining desire to achieve. In fact, you may think of it as a time for doing... absolutely nothing at all. Wanting to get out from under your work will surely include avoiding the avalanche of application requirements that'll be coming at you in the fall. CEO can make that workload shrink, and with our new email notification system, you don't even need to check to see when the applications have been released by the schools. We'll shoot you an email each week telling you which ones have been updated, so you can get going when you need to and not a second earlier.

Here are a few of the benefits juniors get from using CEO:

  • Know in advance how many essays are expected from the colleges you're considering
  • Manage all essays simultaneously, rather than one at a time
  • Receive notification over the summer each time a college updates its essay requirements
  • Finish some essays over the summer
  • And avoid the onslaught of work when the madness of the fall begins!

More than anything, CEO is about making it easy - now - and getting it done sooner rather than later.

Check out our new demo on the front page and see for yourself.

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