Answers To Educational Consultant Questions

Educational Consultants often want to learn more about how College Essay Organizer can assist them in their businesses, saving them time and money, and increasing their ability to market themselves to new students. Below is the first of a Q&A series that will help educational consultants in deciding how College Essay Organizer can best serve them. As always, we are available to answer any other questions you may have. You can email us at [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible.


1. Is College Essay Organizer appropriate for all students?

College Essay Organizer is a time-saving tool regardless of where a student is applying. It instantly delivers all of the questions for any student's selected schools -- and for students applying to schools with few or no essay questions, College Essay Organizer helps them confidently know that a certain college does not have any essay questions, as sometimes it takes hours of looking to determine this.

Moreover, many colleges that don't have required supplemental essay questions for traditional applicants do have required questions for students applying to specific programs or departments. Most students are not aware of this, find out too late, and end up rushing to write mediocre essays in order to make their deadlines.

Finally, an increasing number of universities, especially state schools, offer a multitude of scholarship essay questions that appeal to all demographics, even those who do not require financial aid. College Essay Organizer now features hundreds of such questions, and the list is growing.


2. Can you help me place a value on College Essay Organizer?

Based on our research, the value of College Essay Organizer far exceeds our current price point. With College Essay Organizer, consultants save several hours per student, which means much less work required for the same number of billable hours. During the busy application season, this means your efficiency in setting up new clients skyrockets.

In fact, many consultants have found that if they share a sample College Essay Organizer report with potential clients, it often convinces clients that they could not possibly manage this process on their own without enduring excessive stress and confusion.

College Essay Organizer also finds program-specific essays that aren't included in schools' applications or on the Common App -- these questions tend to get overlooked or are discovered late in the game. Rather than spending hours seeking these out or losing your credibility when clients recognize that you've failed to address them, you can have them all delivered instantly through College Essay Organizer.

College Essay Organizer also provides a multitude of scholarship essays that can mean thousands of dollars in additional money for applicants.

With our feature that allows you and your clients to upload and edit essay drafts within the College Essay Organizer platform, you won't have to email multiple drafts back and forth for multiple students.

The alternative to using College Essay Organizer is researching all the questions on your own or assigning this task to your clients, which may lead to incomplete and inaccurate results, not to mention frustrated students and parents. It also means resorting to the cumbersome process of emailing drafts back and forth dozens, even hundreds of times.

We offer various promotional discounts via our partner sites throughout the year and post new discount codes on our blog regularly, giving you many opportunities to make College Essay Organizer an even more valuable part of your business.


3. What new features have been added to College Essay Organizer?

Our recent upgrades include making the RoadMap so much easier to interpret, adding note-taking and essay uploading features, and providing a checkbox that allows you to know whether or not an essay has been completed. We have also added the ability for educational consultants to co-brand their accounts and have increased the number of college selections to 25 per student in addition to enhancing site speed overall.

We will be holding weekly webinars for members, covering various essay topics, guidance on how to make the most of College Essay Organizer accounts, and Q&A for answers to specific questions.

Finally, all independent consultants who are College Essay Organizer members will be able to guest blog on our heavily trafficked site, expanding their reach to potential new clients.

If there is ever anything that you would like to see added to College Essay Organizer, please let us know. Your feedback drives us to be better!


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