Scholarship Time: Don't Miss This Contest!

It ain't about the money, money, money...or is it?

Now that even the extended regular deadlines are about to pass, the temptation (we know it's strong) is to sit back and do nothing. Don't get us wrong: you deserve a break. But you could be missing some big opportunities. In fact, you might even be overlooking that pot of gold sitting at the end of the rainbow. You're really close. You can almost reach out and touch it. Or at least you can log into College Essay Organizer and check the list of colleges you applied to to see which scholarships you are eligible for.

When you've already written dozens of essays, what's a few more, and the payoff can be great! And the process can actually be fun--there are creative questions out there that could potentially bring new meaning to your life. You could gain insights that you never thought possible. Well, maybe that's a bit over the top, and we have to admit there are hundreds of pretty cut and dry questions, but the juicy ones exist too, and your challenge is to send us the most shockingly fun and original scholarship questions you can find by January 21. Email us at [email protected], and we'll post the top ones to our blog. Let's see what you've got!

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