Stay Organized When Applying for Scholarships

The more organized you are, the less chance you'll have of looking like this later.

As seniors decide where to focus their time in these stressful weeks leading up to college decisions, some are seeking out scholarships, and finding plenty of them. According to Leobardo Espinoza Jr., a senior blogging for the The New York Times Choice about his college application experience, there are too many scholarships available to successfully apply to them all:

"When there are more scholarships due either the same day or within the same time frame, it gets harder and harder to personalize each scholarship packet. The time constraints are too demanding."

He also found that different scholarships had different requirements, and he realized that he needed to play to his strengths as he narrowed down his list:

"Some scholarships ask applicants to write an essay, create a movie or develop some sort of visual representation. While it is important to understand the requirements of each scholarship, it is even more important to understand how good I am at doing each of those tasks."

His main piece of advice when tackling scholarship essays is to organize yourself before you start:

"I created a spreadsheet and wrote down the required essay topics of each scholarship. After identifying the topics I felt catered to my writing strengths, I chose to apply to those scholarships and not the rest."

As we know well here at College Essay Organizer, organizing your essays before you start writing will save you lots of time in the long-run, and help you write winning essays. 

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