Student Accepted to All Eight Ivies

kwasiWe all love feel-good stories, and this is not one to miss! Kwasi Enin, a first-generation American from Ghana attending a large public school in Long Island, applied to all eight ivy league schools and got eight acceptance letters back. For those parents who want to rethink their parenting style, he credits his "helicopter parents" for encouraging him to strive to be the best he can be. His hard work evidently paid off, and he is now deciding which school to attend in the fall, giving the most consideration to the financial aid offers he receives.  While for many of this year's applicants this story may be ill-timed, it can also be an opportunity to forget about ourselves and celebrate someone else's accomplishments. Go Kwasi!

To read more about Kwasi, and to read the stand-out essay that got him in, click here.


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