Maximize Your Chances of Getting into Brown University

Don't miss your chance to apply early decision

Whether you are undertaking the somewhat treacherous admissions path on your own or with a consultant to help lead the way, make sure not to overlook the importance of applying early decision. This article by Steve Cohen, which appeared recently in The Daily Beast, demonstrates how this will benefit students looking for the best way to beat the odds this season, and Cohen has the numbers to prove it.

The statistics clearly illustrate that applying early decision will maximize your chances of getting in. Brown University, one of the country’s most selective colleges, admitted only 7.5% of its regular decision applicants, while 20% of early decision applicants got the green light. So if you want to reach for your dream college, do it early decision, but don’t put off writing the rest of your essays till you find out if you’re accepted. This will leave you only a few short weeks to pull together several more applications. Make sure to plan ahead, and write your essays as early as possible, making your senior year less stressful and more organized.

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