More Colleges Making Admissions Tests Optional

act or satEven with recent changes to the ACT essay and the newly overhauled SAT, many colleges are admitting that standardized test scores are not as effective as other measures such as the application essay when admitting students. According to this article published in BloombergBusiness, 850 colleges across the United States now give students the option to apply without standardized test scores, and 145 colleges have a test-optional policy when applying.

Some schools are finding creative ways to replace the missing information. Franklin & Marshall College asks for a teacher-graded paper which gives a more accurate assessment of a student's writing than the SAT or ACT essay, and Wake Forest added compulsory applicant interviews. It is, however, unlikely that standardized tests will ever go away completely, and most students will still wind up taking either the ACT or SAT at some point during the application process.

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Time to Focus on that Last Standardized Test

A feeling we all know...

A feeling we all know . . . but the more you can keep it in perspective, the better!

If you're like a lot of seniors interested in competitive schools, you're probably planning on increasing your chances of getting in by applying early to your top-choice school.  And that means that you are probably hoping to increase your standardized test scores by taking them one last time this fall... Students typically see their biggest jump in the fall of their senior year, so definitely make sure you're registered, and start reviewing those practice tests if you took the summer off.

If you're unsure whether to take the ACT or SAT, know that more students are now taking the ACT each year than the SAT, and that trend is likely to continue. With significant changes planned for the SAT test, it makes sense for students to want to stick with the more predictable option. To learn more interesting statistics about the ACT and SAT, click here.

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