April Admissions Calendar Released

Now is the time to start planning for the college application process.

For those juniors eager to keep on track with the admissions process, The NY Times Choice Blog just posted its April Checklist. Here are a few important items to keep on your radar:

Continuing the search: Now is the time to keep working on your college list. Look out for college fairs, open houses, and opportunities to visit colleges.

Think about money: Make sure to consider your financial situation and the types of aid available when thinking about your college list.

Plan when to take standardized tests: Be sure to research which tests you need to take. Some colleges require SAT IIs in addition to the SAT or ACT, so make sure not to leave those requirements for the last minute.

Start to think about your essays: The Common App will be releasing a preview of the application mid-April. This offers a great opportunity to get those 2 required essays out of the way early.

Get feedback from seniors and counselors: Make sure that you’re getting all the advice and information you need from seniors who have just been through the process and from counselors who can help you decide how to best strengthen your resume for your senior year.

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