Early Decision Results for Penn Will Be Announced December 12

This is an important week for seniors who applied early to their first-choice schools as most schools notify students in mid-December. Early Decision results for Penn will be announced to students slightly earlier than some schools, with the release scheduled at 6:00pm on Wednesday, December 12.

While many will be celebrating this week, countless others will be bearing down to finish the rest of their applications in the few short weeks that precede regular college deadlines. Don't forget to log into your College Essay Organizer accounts to make this last part of the process as efficient and stress-free as possible. It will truly save you hours of time and help you churn out those remaining essays in record time.

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Princeton's Dean of Admission Talks About College Essays

Janet Rapelye, the dean of admission at Princeton University, is answering admissions questions for The New York Times' Choice Blog this week. Her first posting addressed the importance of taking time to write your college essays:

"Your ability to write well is critical to our decision because your writing reflects your thinking. No matter what question is asked on a college application, admission officers are looking to see how well you convey your ideas and express yourself in writing. It is our window to your world."

This definitely reinforces the fact that college essays can play a pivotal role in acceptance to a college. Starting early, staying organized, and investing considerable time perfecting your prose may make all the difference in getting accepted to your top choice college.

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You Are What You Tweet

Have you googled yourself lately?

If you are gearing up to begin your college application process, you definitely want to read Danny Westneat’s article in the Seattle Times. In this article, he discusses how he discovered an inspiring story of a student with a rough start in life, who defied all odds and made it to college, but that his perspective changed when he discovered the student's Twitter feed.

Without getting into the content of his posts, the point is clear. It’s normal for high school students to share their world with their friends, but with today’s internet culture, the consequences of those discussions and the photographical evidence that may be associated with them, are obviously much more far reaching and long term.

Westneat quotes a Harvard interviewer during a debate on the website Quora, who offers some guidance in this area: “Does a Facebook profile or a website prejudice me before I meet a candidate? Yes. Absolutely. If you care about your college career, one of the best things you can do is Google yourself, then pull anything off you wouldn't voluntarily show your parents' friends." Unfortunately, it can be what is not included in your college application that leaves the biggest impression.

One Dad’s Journey through the College Application Process

This student does not use College Essay Organizer.

Articles about the college application process inevitably elicit a visceral reaction from anyone who has high school aged children. As this NY Times article describes, Crazy U, written by Andrew Ferguson, is a recent dad’s journey navigating the convoluted path from high school student to college attendee.

Ferguson covers every aspect of the adventure, not the least of which is the college essay process which he calls “a relatively new idea, and very baby boomerish.” He asks, “Who are they to force a catharsis on 17-year-olds?” His insightful probing cuts to the central issues in writing essays, which many consider the piece that distinguishes an applicant from his or her peers. What exactly do colleges want? Is the more personal essay always the better one? And what about more modest teens unwilling to express their darkest secrets? Ferguson writes, “Once the larger culture considered reticence a virtue. Now it’s a cause for suspicion or evidence of derangement.”

At College Essay Organizer, we know how important and stress-inducing the essay portion of applications can be. It’s what we know best, and we provide members with examples of successful essays on dozens of topics and themes, essays that gained entry into the nation's top colleges and universities. We also run free webinars from the spring through the fall covering various issues related to the college essay process, and hold an open Q&A for attendees to get their individual questions answered. So worry not, we’ve got you covered.

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