How to Make the Most of Your Time While Waiting to Hear From Colleges

This is probably not the best attitude to take.

Now that you've finally gotten in all your applications, you may be thinking that the hardest part is over, but many students actually end up struggling most with the last stage of the college admissions process: waiting. It can be difficult to relax knowing that admissions officers are reviewing your applications, and gearing up to make a decision that will affect the direction your life will take. Here's an article with some practical suggestions on how to make the most of your next few months.

  • Keep busy. The more active you become, the less focused you'll be on the future. Dive into an activity that you love or discover a new passion. One applicant threw herself into acting: “After I applied to all my colleges, at the strong encouragement of my friends, I auditioned for the school musical! I had auditioned in my freshman year but focused on other activities for the rest of high school to put on my resume. I got in and it was one of the best experiences of my high school career!"
  • Get to know your colleges better. Since you don't have a lot of time to make a decision once you receive your notification letters from colleges, now is the time to do more research on the colleges you applied to, and even plan a trip to any you haven't yet visited.
  • Apply to scholarships. While most college deadlines have past, scholarship application deadlines are often later in January or February. Now is the time to turn your focus to writing those scholarship essays, and be sure to check your College Essay Organizer accounts to easily find them.
  • Finish the year off strong. You've come this far, and while it may be tempting to turn your attention away from your schoolwork, stay focused. You never know which colleges will be monitoring your academic performance, and it just feels good to end on a high note. According to one applicant, "“Although you may be out soon, you owe it to yourself after all those great college applications to end high school with a bang."
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