Planning a College Road Trip?

Now that we're into fall, seniors may be feeling the pressure to narrow down their college lists--especially considering that early application deadlines are just days away. While Early Decision is known to have advantages such as higher admit rates, nobody wants to be bound to a school that is in fact not a good fit!

For those of you planning last minute trips, U.S. News has put together some great resources for you here. To get started, just pick the state that you're heading, and take a look at their own notes on each school before you head out and get a feel for the schools yourself. Ultimately, visiting the school is really the only way to be sure that a school feels right!

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College Admissions Campus Visits Around the Corner

Have you started planning your college visits?

For those of you who are juniors and are beginning to think about your college lists and which schools to visit, be sure to prepare ahead to make the most of your visits. In addition to researching the school, and your own interests, it’s important to make a list of questions to ask. Check out this article for helpful ideas.

While information sessions can give you lots of useful information, they are usually not tailored to your particular priorities. As college admissions expert Cristiana Quinn puts it, “Most families will sit obediently in information sessions soaking up what is said, but few will raise their hands and ask the tough questions.” To that end, you can note down what is important to you, so that you can pay special attention to how each college addresses those issues.

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