A Great Source of College Admissions Information Being Discontinued

The New York Times Choice Blog, a go-to source for college admissions news and information, is being discontinued after four years of helping students and parents navigate through the college essay process. While we are definitely sad to see it go, we will continue to share in its mission to make the college application process less stressful, more entertaining (maybe even fun on occasion--check out these videos) and successful. We will also be rolling out an extensive new webinar series in July, featuring experts covering such topics as getting financial aid, completing the applications, writing winning essays, and many more.

Summer is our busiest season at College Essay Organizer as we eagerly await the release of new essay questions, and we share in your excitement as each college is updated for the 2013-2014 application season. We also add new information daily, updating you as schools release their applications, sharing admissions-related news and answering your questions about the college admissions process. If you have any requests for new blog topics, please email us at [email protected] now as we begin to plan ahead for the coming months.


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