Best Practices Webinar for IECs Using College Essay Organizer

Come see why consultants who attended our last webinar are saying, "I used your site a good deal before but now I live on it with my clients."

  • Discover advanced tips on using all features (eg, uploading drafts, sending notes, and using the alert system)
  • Learn how to best interpret each student's RoadMap
  • Get answers to all your specific questions, no matter how big or small

This special one-hour webinar is Tuesday, October 9, at 1 pm EST.

                           Click here to register now - space is limited

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Over 1,000 Scholarship Essay Questions in College Essay Organizer

When using College Essay Organizer, keep in mind that we have more than 1,000 scholarship essay questions, none of which are even mentioned on the Common App. The Essay QuickFinder and Essay RoadMap tools will help you find department-specific and scholarship essays you didn't even know existed opening up opportunities for students to get free money for college. If financial aid is important to you, here are a few schools worth taking a second look at:

  • Wake Forest University (3 required questions and 3 scholarship questions)
  • Elon University (2 required questions, 1 optional question, 4 scholarship questions, 6 program-specific questions, and 1 special applicant question)
  • University of Kentucky (8 scholarship questions and 4 program-specific questions)



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Last Summer Webinar TONIGHT - Write Winning Essays

Having trouble finding the right essay topics? Not sure how to make a good essay great? Trying to manage all your different essays without going insane?

Attend our last webinar of the summer with the founder of College Essay Organizer and get insider tips on how to write winning college admissions essays that make you stand out.

Two lucky participants will be selected to receive personalized feedback on their essays.

The webinar will be held tonight (Wednesday, August 29) at 8 pm EST. Click this link to reserve your spot (space is limited, so register now):

If you work for a school or educational organization, feel free to attend our webinar and/or forward this invitation to seniors and their parents.

See you tonight!

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Last Webinar of Summer for Educational Consultants

Join the hundreds of educational consultants who are saving hours of time, working smarter, and growing their businesses with our easy-to-use web tool. If you are ready to bring your college essay practice into the 21st century or want to experience the newest upgrades based on consultant feedback, we welcome you to attend ourfinal summer webinar.

This one-hour webinar will be held on Thursday, August 30, at 1 pm EST.

                           Click here to register now - space is limited

We will host other webinars during the fall to ensure members are making the most of College Essay Organizer and to address individual questions. But if you're trying to determine if our website is right for you, be sure to attend this week's webinar --incorporating College Essay Organizer into your practice now will make this back-to-school your smoothest and most successful one yet.

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Note About Occidental College

Members who have selected Occidental College may notice that we recently changed the ordering of this school's questions in our database. The "Special Applicant" question is now listed last (as opposed to first), which means the other questions are all now renumbered. Please review your account as needed.

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Newly Updated Schools, Plus a Special New Feature

We're excited to announce that a new feature is now live in all RoadMap accounts. This Essay Length feature will allow you to instantly determine which question for any essay topic is the longest among all the questions under that one essay topic.

For example, if your RoadMap tells you to write an essay on "Your intellectual interests" that can be used for four college questions with different essay lengths, your RoadMap will now indicate the longest question at the top so you can write to that limit and then cut it as needed for the other questions. This way you can get an even quicker snapshot of what your essay writing demands are from the start.

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Many Colleges Still Without Online Common App Supplements

Even though the Common App went live on August 1, many colleges have not yet activated their online Common App supplements. We're not quite sure why they choose to hold off on doing so, considering that many students are eager to get started over the summer. But we're not here to judge.

We are here, though, to find solutions. That's why you'll find that many colleges whose online supplements are not yet live on the Common App are already updated in College Essay Organizer. We find the application preview PDFs posted on the school websites (they are often hard to find) or go directly to the admissions office. The goal is to get you the new essay questions as quickly as possible, often long before the Common App supplements go live.

We'll continue to check daily, often hourly, to see when each college's online supplement finally goes live ... so that you don't have to and so we can check for any changes (eg, sometimes the PDF will list a certain length for a question but the online app will provide something else; we always defer to the online app and make changes as needed since we know that the online apps are what students ultimately complete).

Just another reason to use College Essay Organizer and work smarter.

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Important Note About Oberlin and Boston University

Please note the following important changes for Oberlin/Oberlin Conservatory of Music and Boston University:

The 14 essay questions associated with the Oberlin Conservatory of Music are now listed under Oberlin College.

Boston University's Common App Supplement #1 was just assigned a different essay topic according to College Essay Organizer's Roadmap, so please check your RoadMap for any possible changes.

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College Essay Tips

TIP 1 - Program-Specific Questions Are Good For You:  While the many program-specific questions seem daunting, they help you discover different programs that may appeal to you and even help you get accepted -- and for some reason these essay questions are almost never even mentioned on the Common App. For instance, maybe you never considered applying to Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, but after seeing that program's essay questions on College Essay Organizer, you realize that this program might not only be right up your alley but also is going to help you gain the competitive admissions edge because of your special talents and background related to the hospitality industry.

TIP 2 - Optional Means Opportunity:  When a college asks you a question and says it's optional, think of it like a parent asking you to do your chores; you don'thave to do them, but if you don't, you're probably not going to get the keys to the family car that weekend. Optional questions present you with the opportunity to convey your passions and interests to people eager to learn more about you. Use such space wisely, and it can make all the difference.

TIP 3 - A Problem Well Organized Is A Problem Half Solved:  You can spend several hours organizing all your essay questions in one clear document (which you know you'll never actually do) and hope that you locate all the hard-to-find supplemental, program-specific, optional, and scholarship questions —and then try to figure out how many original essays you need to write (and on which topics) to make this a quick and simple process. Or you can get started now for FREE and letCollege Essay Organizer do it for you instantly. You're applying to college now — time to start using your brain.

Jump-start the College Essay Process

Start brainstorming for the college essay process

The blistering heat of summer brings lazy, lethargic days. What smarter way to spend these hours than to jump-start the college essay process? The New York Times Choice Blog just posted a college application checklist here, recommending seniors to take advantage of summertime freedom and begin writing required essays before the school year begins.

Although the Common Application does not go live until August 1, 2012, many colleges and universities release supplemental essay questions during the summer, and the Common Application’s long and short essays have been confirmed. To keep track of these early releases, be sure to create your College Essay Organizer account now, as schools are updated as early as possible.

Simply brainstorming ideas when you have free time will pay off in the long run. Ann E. Selvetti of the New York Times advises seniors to “Give yourself the gift of time for the fall by getting as much done as possible this summer. Every year, seniors lament frittering away their summertime instead of using it to get a head start.” So instead of sunbathing on your deck this afternoon, grab a pencil and notepad and start jotting down ideas for your essay questions. When the cold autumn wind blows into town, you will thank yourself for starting early.

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