Checklist for Juniors

As the end of the school year approaches, juniors are beginning to wonder what they can do to prepare for the college admissions process ahead. Kristen Learner, the director of college counseling at The Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and Jeffrey Wong, a college counselor at the school, offer some advise on what to focus on during the summer months.

  • Make sure you have a challenging group of classes for senior year. Colleges want to see that you're pushing yourself, and taking harder classes each year.
  • Seek out teacher recommendations now, and pay attention to how a teacher responds to your request. If he or she sounds less than enthusiastic, you may want to consider a different teacher.
  • Choose your summer plans carefully. Colleges want to see that you're doing something you love and developing your interests.
  • Decide which standardized tests you will be taking
  • Start your Common App main essay. College Essay Organizer already has it updated, and we'll be on top of all the supplements as well. Many students are worried about missing an essay question due to the new CA4 format, but College Essay Organizer has you covered.


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College Essay Organizer's Protocol with Respect to the Common App (CA4)


With the significant changes to the Common App (CA4), we have received many inquiries regarding how College Essay Organizer will operate this year. After much research via the Common App and the colleges directly, we're glad to tell you that we'll be as proactive for you as ever this season -- and even more valuable! Below are three key points we wanted to highlight:
  • We won't wait until August 1. We will continue to update essay questions before the August 1 launch of the Common App. Last year, through our special protocol, we updated 286 schools (many of them Common App schools) prior to August 1 and we expect to be just as aggressive this season.
  • We'll give you all the essay questions for different programs and departments in one easy place. As we understand it, the Common App supplement will require students to select their majors/interests in order to first view those essay questions. This would make it incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome for you to locate questions on your own for all of your students with all their different majors/interests, so you can instead rely on us to do it for you. We will list all of these particular essay questions under each college; you can then simply remove any questions that are not relevant to a given student (or the student can do so on his or her own). Several of you have noted your skepticism regarding whether the Common App will indeed have all of the program- and major-specific essay questions; after all, a few colleges last season claimed to have all such questions listed on their supplements but were in fact missing several questions. College Essay Organizer had each and every one.
  • We've got all the scholarship essay questions the Common App doesn't. As usual the Common App will not list the hundreds of scholarship essay questions for the colleges -- no change there. So, as always, we'll have them for you. College Essay Organizer had more than 1,000 scholarship essay questions last season, and that number will continue to grow.


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