College Essay Organizer and Integration Now Live

We are proud to announce that CEO has now been fully integrated into the platform, giving Independent Consultants access to the most comprehensive college planning platform on the market.

Independent Consultants who purchase their CEO accounts through will enjoy various benefits:

  1. They can access CEO directly from their counselor accounts without having to re-select any colleges for their students.
  2. The rate will be a flat fee of $34 per student, regardless of how many students you create CEO accounts for.
  3. Each student account will have a maximum of 20 college selections instead of 15.
  4. Each account will get one free CEO student account

If you are already a member who has purchased CEO, your current CEO student accounts will automatically transfer over so you can access them through You will still be able to access your CEO master account directly through CEO, if you'd like.

If you are already a member but have not yet purchased CEO, we encourage you to try your free CEO student account within your account. It will take less than a minute and will save you hours with each student.

If you are not a member, please click here to check it out so you can discover the benefits of a comprehensive college planning platform.

All members will receive one FREE CEO student account, whether you have already purchased CEO independently or not.

We look forward to making your educational consulting job even more efficient and successful!

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