What's on Your Twitter and Facebook Pages?

Many early deadlines have now passed, and admissions officers are diving into the arduous process of closely examining each applicant's file. It's around this time that we send out a similar caveat each year: Google yourself. A Kaplan Test Prep study reported that 31% of college admissions counselors are visiting students' social media pages, and what is found there could hurt your application.

According to Glenn Dillard, assistant vice-president of enrollment at Harding University, social media searches are used to see if a student's lifestyle embodies a school's mission: "Harding is at our core, a Christian University. We're wanting students who will uphold that Christian standard that we've set forth for our students." Other larger universities such as the University of Arkansas at Little Rock just don't have sufficient time to make online searches a part of their decision-making process. Wherever you're applying, we suggest that you play it safe, and remove anything that you might feel doesn't place you in the most flattering light. To read more, check out this article.