Early Application Decision Notification Dates

Waiting for early application decisions can be nerve-racking. And if you’ve applied to several schools early, you may be having trouble keeping up with all of the early notification dates. Here’s a list of some commonly applied to schools and their expected notification dates to help you get organized!

Barnard College – mid-December
Boston College - by December 25
Case Western Reserve University – December 17
Colorado College – end of December
Cornell University – December 11
CUNY – mid-February
Dartmouth University – mid-December
Fordham University – December 19
George Mason University – December 15
Georgetown University – in December
Indiana University – by January 15
Loyola University Maryland – January 15
Marist College – mid-January
Northeastern University – by December 15
Ohio State University – mid-January
Parsons The New School – end of December
Penn State University – by January 31
Rutgers University – January 31
Smith College – January 15
Stanford University – December 11
SUNY Binghamton – by January 15
Tulane University – December 15
University of Chicago – mid-December (will email applicants the exact date)
University of Colorado Boulder – by February 1
University of Connecticut – March 1
University of Massachusetts Amherst – by mid-January
University of Miami – mid-February
University of Michigan – by December 24
University of North Carolina – end of January
University of Pennsylvania – December 13
University of Richmond – January 20
University of Texas Austin – end of February
University of Virginia – end of January
University of Wisconsin – end of January
Villanova University – by December 15
Wake Forest University – December 22
Washington University – by December 15
Yale University – mid-December

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Early Application Deadlines Looming

The tension is mounting for tens of thousands of seniors applying early to their first-choice schools. November 1, a popular early deadline, is looming just around the corner, and students are scrambling to polish their essays and send off their applications. Other students are worrying about their test scores, and wondering whether or not they will be good enough.

The New York Times' Choice Blog is answering common questions about the application process this week, and regarding test scores, Kathryn Juric, vice president of the SAT program, advises, "The most important thing for students and families to keep in mind is that college entrance exams represent only one part of your overall college application." Jon Erickson, president of the educational division at the ACT, adds that in cases where a student feels that her scores are not reflective of the rest of her accomplishments, she can explore the following: "retaking the test, after more thorough academic preparation; highlighting other aspects of her academic profile (personal recommendations, course work, grades, other accomplishments); and, if the opportunity exists, meeting personally with an admission officer to demonstrate her personal qualities." We, at College Essay Organizer, also know that using your essays to show who you are can be the most important way to stand out even if your scores fall short.

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