Notification for Early Applicants Coming Soon

Thousands of early applicants are still waiting to hear back from schools as to whether they've been accepted, rejected, or deferred, and many are wondering whether decisions will be later this year due to dozens of colleges postponing their early decision and early action deadlines as a result of widespread Common App glitches. William & Mary is one such school that delayed its early deadline till November 8th. According to its admissions department, "We always say early December as a notification, not December 1 because there are so many moving parts to completing a review process and we never know that we're ready to release decisions until the moment we do (last year for example a snow day and internet outage delayed our timeline). We do not yet know if the delayed application deadline will push back our release timeline. We just ask students to be patient. As soon as decisions are released we will let students know in all social media channels."

December is commonly stated as the month when early applicants are notified. Here's what some top colleges are projecting:

  • Amherst College: December 15
  • Boston University: December 15
  • Columbia University: December 12
  • Harvard University: Mid-December
  • New York University: December 15
  • Tufts University: December 18
  • University of Michigan: December 24
  • University of Virginia: January 31
  • Vassar College: Mid-December
  • William & Mary: Mid-December
  • Yale University: Mid-December
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Guidelines for Early Applicants

This is probably not the best place to open your decision letter.

As early applicants mentally prepare themselves to receive a response from their top-choice schools, it's necessary to review a few guidelines for how to handle the news that will be received. The New York Times Choice Blog posted a great article here about (virtual) envelope etiquette. A few highlights include:

  • Even if you receive the news in a public place via your mobile device, wait till you are at home to open it. While you may feel prepared whatever the outcome, it's always better to give yourself some personal space to digest the news.
  • Sometimes parents feel like it's their process rather than their child's. Be sure to step back during this moment and let your child let you know what/if anything he or she needs from you.
  • Don't rush to tell the world. While it may be tempting to broadcast your positive or not-so-positive news on Facebook, think twice before posting anything, especially if it's something you will regret saying later.
  • If you do get the news that you are hoping for, remember that not everyone is as fortunate, so be respectful of others' feelings.

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Early Decision Results for Penn Will Be Announced December 12

This is an important week for seniors who applied early to their first-choice schools as most schools notify students in mid-December. Early Decision results for Penn will be announced to students slightly earlier than some schools, with the release scheduled at 6:00pm on Wednesday, December 12.

While many will be celebrating this week, countless others will be bearing down to finish the rest of their applications in the few short weeks that precede regular college deadlines. Don't forget to log into your College Essay Organizer accounts to make this last part of the process as efficient and stress-free as possible. It will truly save you hours of time and help you churn out those remaining essays in record time.

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Tips for Early College Applicants to De-stress as They Wait

Which one used College Essay Organizer?

Anxiety is definitely a real part of the college application process, and as applicants know, it becomes increasingly intense as the day of judgment nears. For most early applicants, that day is December 15. Will Walker, one of eight students chosen by the New York Times Choice Blog to document his story, shares his woes in this entry. After fighting his own fear demons, his resulting epiphany is one we can all benefit from:

"And so, in the spirit of the holiday season, I’d urge you, all of you (but especially college-bound seniors like me) to take a second over the coming week to reflect on the things that you do have: the opportunities you’ve been given, the possibilities you’ve been presented with, and the people around you who care about you. Because yes, this process is bad. But it’d be a lot worse if we had to go at it alone."

Taking advantage of your support network will definitely make this an easier process, as will making sure you're on top of your game and haven't missed anything. Use your College Essay Organizer account to double check that you didn't overlook any essay questions, and begin to get organized for writing the remainder of your essays if your early applications do not turn into acceptances.


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