Tougher College Admissions at Florida Schools

According to, Florida colleges and universities are making it tougher for students to get accepted. FAU has already begun to make admission more competitive, while Florida, Florida state, Miami and UCF will follow suit next year. Although admissions officers will be raising the minimum-required standardized test scores and GPAs, those alone will not guarantee admission. This means that extracurriculars and essay questions (many of which are optional) will play a paramount role in acceptance, and should not be ignored. FAU has 5 optional essay questions and 2 program-specific questions, including one of our favorite prompts:

Please tweet a response to ONE of the following essay topics:

A) If you were a sea shell, would you want to be picked up or left in the sand and why?

B) If you were a message in a bottle, what would your message say or where would you want to wash up?

C) What would be in your perfect beach bag?

D) If you built a sand structure, what would it be and why?

E) I would prefer to not respond.

You still have time to apply, so make sure to start brainstorming the perfect tweet, and for those of you who are still working on your essays, feel free to email us at [email protected] to see how we can support you in the writing process.


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