The Key to a Great Essay

aha momentStudents definitely have a lot on their plates this fall, from re-taking standardized tests, maintaining strong grades, writing college essays, deciding where to apply, filling in applications, keeping active with can all feel overwhelming! But what if you were also dealing with trying to fulfill much more basic needs at the same time? And not even just for yourself, but for your whole family, including much younger siblings. It's just not a reality that many students have to think about, let alone face!

But once in a while there is a story that surfaces that affects us all, because it makes us take a second look at the world around us, and at ourselves. It invites us to look beyond the surface, to gain a new perspective, and to be grateful for the little details we take for granted each day. So, if you are reading this, and you are still looking for the key to a great essay, it evolves from that deeper look. Maybe you've dealt with issues like Viviana Andazola Marquez, or maybe you feel like your life has been pretty smooth and easy, but either way, anyone has the ability, through observation and self-examination, to connect the dots in a new way, and come up with that essay that not only stands out, but more importantly, creates an aha moment that allows us a fleeting glimpse of how we're all interconnected.

To read about Viviana's story, click here, and don't miss her essay, along with a couple other inspiring essays, here.

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