Your Online Identity And Your College Application

College Essay Organizer Is On FacebookThis new article in the Wichita Eagle talks about the importance of your online identity in the college admissions process. We've spoken before about some of the unexpected ways college admissions officers can check into your background, but this is the first article we've seen with hard numbers about the percentage of admissions officers that actively check the Facebook profiles of their applicants, or that Google applicants before fully evaluating their applications.

The article cites College Essay Organizer user Naomi Steinberg, owner of Apply Yourself Educational Consulting in Boca Raton, Florida, as saying that it can be useful for seniors to change the name on their accounts, even if only for the application season:

"As parents and advisors, of course we should be encouraging kids to make good choices and maintain favorable online reputations. In reality, we know we cannot monitor and control every move they make, every photo they or their friends take, and what they have in their hands when the photo is taken."

It doesn't even have to be permanent - returning the user name to your actual name after the acceptances come in is standard, though you'll want to keep privacy settings at a comfortable level if you want to avoid a similar problem with your future job searches.

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