TImeline for Juniors

Starting early is the best way to not run out of time.

While seniors may be experiencing some downtime right now, juniors should be looking ahead, and starting to think more seriously about the college admissions process looming ahead. This article posted on the The New York Times' The Choice blog offers a nice checklist for where juniors should be now in order to be on track come fall. Here are some areas to focus on:

  • Prioritize your Studies. Your junior year is the most important time to shine academically. Make sure to take a good selection of core classes, and work hard so you can successfully meet your goals.
  • Make sure to participate in class and show that you are engaged. Most likely you will be asking one of your teachers from this year for a recommendation next year, so demonstrate that you are an active and important part of the class.
  • Put aside your strongest papers and projects as colleges often want to see a sample of your best work.
  • Start to think about what you like and want to study, as well as the type of college you want to spend four years of your life studying at.
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