Get Free Money for College With Scholarships

This guy knew how to make the most of his College Essay Organizer account.

For those of you sitting back and enjoying the calm after the frantic pre-deadline frenzy, you may want to re-consider how you are spending your time. Now is primetime for applying for scholarships, and here is one posted by the New York Times which you should definitely take a look at. If you have any interest in finances, and it is relevant to us all, especially those about to enter into a significant financial investment, a.k.a college, this is a great opportunity to take a deeper look at your own views:

"We also seek a unique point of view. Not so much 'Why it’s good to give' or 'What I learned from my job' but 'How I gave in an entirely new way' or 'How I made money doing something no one else around me had ever thought to do.'"

If money matters don't appeal, log into your College Essay Organizer premium account, and reference the hundreds of scholarship essays that our members have access to, none of which are mentioned on the Common App and all of which are nearly impossible to find unless you know exactly what you're looking for.


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