Complete List of Colleges with Extended Deadlines

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Colleges continue to be flexible with their early and priority deadlines, and a few sites are keeping track of these schools. Please see this list from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) for a complete compilation of schools to date, including a link to each school's site and contact information.

Continue to check in with any colleges not on the list that you may be applying to in order to be sure that deadlines haven't changed, and do your best to meet earlier deadlines so you will have a few extra days in case of any unexpected events.

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The Power of Words

When deciding what to write, it is of course important to think about what you are going to say, and why you have chosen your subject, but what's so often lost is the how - the way you choose to present yourself. Remember that it speaks volumes.

Have a look at this moving and insightful video that reminds us that choosing your words carefully can truly change the way others see you.

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The Journal of College Admission Writes on New Technologies

Where does the road in that logo roam? To new technologies, my friend.

The Journal of College Admission, a publication that discusses the National Association for College Admission Counseling (or NACAC), recently put out an article called "Using Technology in Undergraduate Admission: A Student Perspective."

It points out that nearly all students are using various forms of technology to guide them through the admissions process. In fact, the article mentions that, "One survey found that 88 percent of college-bound prospective students would be disappointed or possibly eliminate a school from consideration if the institution's web site did not meet expectations."

We encounter many college websites that are more complicated than they need to be, especially in their organization of honors, scholarship, and departmental essays, so we commiserate with applicants who are frustrated by this. Lucky for you, CEO's goal is to design a simple technology that provides a solution while streamlining your efforts to simplify and organize the process. Glad to have you with us as we head into the new application season.