Final Checklist for Seniors

You're almost there!

Congratulations on making it this far! You're almost done with high school and college is right around the corner, but you're not there yet. The New York Times Choice blog has provided a checklist here with some important points to remember:

  • While it's easy to give in to spring fever, it's important to continue to prepare yourself for the demands that lie ahead. Being disciplined now will definitely pay off later, and a significant drop in academic performance could jeopardize your spot at the college you plan to attend in the fall.
  • If you've made your decision on which college to attend, be happy knowing that you've done your research and made the best decision possible.
  • Let other colleges know that you will not be accepting their offers so they can move to their wait-lists as necessary.
  • If you are still on a wait-list, let the college know that you are still interested or take yourself off.
  • Stay on top of college communications. You'll be receiving lots of forms that need to be filled out, so be sure to return them promptly.
  • Now that you've made it through the application process, make sure to share the lessons you've learned with your younger friends, including any valuable technology you used (like College Essay Organizer) that helped you along the way.
  • Plan your summer so that you're sure to have another great experience before college.