Are You Considering Not Going to College?

What's your motivation for going to college?

Whether you have just gone through the application process, or you are anxiously seeing it looming ahead, it’s easy to entertain ideas of not going to college. After all, college provides no guarantee for a job when you graduate or a successful future, and unless you’re one of the lucky few to get a free ride, it often comes with a high price tag, which includes future debt.

Most people, and especially parents, still view college as a rite of passage into the adult world, and understandably, you may not want to rock the family boat, but if you are seriously looking into your other options, here’s an article about one high school student who chose to forego college, albeit with a $100,000 award to start his own business. There are, however, notable examples of students who did not graduate from college, nor did they have a significant amount of money to fall back on, but went on to build extremely successful careers. It all depends on your goals and aspirations, and how driven you are, because whether you go to college or not, success requires lots of hard work and determination.

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