Applying in 2016-2017: The Common App and The Coalition

coalition and common appMany of us are beginning to think about the 2016-2017 application system and what changes are in store, and we'll be on top of them all for you! While The Common App was on everyone's mind last season due to its past blunders, this year marks the launch of an application system referred to as The Coalition that has everyone asking questions.

The Common App has already announced that it's keeping its main essay options the same for the coming season (Tip: juniors start writing!), so that's one thing we can all relax about. As for The Coalition, things are more up in the air. According to this article by Nancy Greisemer, "The decision whether or not to require a shared personal statement is still under consideration, but the Coalition is leaning away from this requirement in favor of allowing individual colleges to fully script their own writing requirements."

The good thing is that while more schools may exclusively use The Coalition for the 2017-2018 season, there are very few schools that will exclusively use it this season. That means that students can still use the Common App for their applications this season without paying much attention to this up-and-coming system. 


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