College Essay Organizer Helps Defeat Plagiarism

There is no better opening. But you cannot have this opening. Sorry.

There is no better opening. But you cannot have this opening. Sorry.

Tom Robinson at Today's Campus Online recently addressed an issue that we've found CEO is well-designed to defeat, that of plagiarism in college essays.

Robinson discusses a recently published study that a jaw-dropping 36 percent of personal statements were found to include "significant matching text" when put through plagiarism-checking software, leading the researchers to believe that more than a third of all applicants were lifting parts or all of their college essays.

There are a whole lot of issues that come to mind when discussing this, not least of which are the problems of the naturally overloaded guidance counselors of America. Without meaningful one-on-one collaboration between students and faculty, it can be difficult for writers to be aware of the significant differences between the college essay and the standard five-paragraph essays they've been expected to churn out for years.

Another significant issue is the overwhelming amount of work that seniors are saddled with each fall. Most have their hearts set on an individual school, and if their early applications are denied, are often surprised to learn the actual amount of writing they have to do for their other applications. Panic sets in, and cheating begins to feel inevitable.

Our president and CEO, Daniel Stern, is quoted in Robinson's article and talks about how CEO provides an ethical solution.

For juniors who are looking to avoid that time crunch in the first place, we've offered steep discounts, encouraging them to get started ahead of time and capitalize on the free time available in the summer.

For seniors, we provide an automatic, low-cost solution to the organizational challenge they're bound to face, and we show them how to repurpose the work they've already done for many applications without resorting to taking others' words.

Hey, if putting a dent in plagiarism is our good deed for the day then it's been a good day. Shoot us an email and let us know what CEO's doing right for you.