University of Washington's Most Important Factor for Admission

While thousands of early applicants wait to see if they make the cut, this article focusing on Philip Ballinger, University of Washington's Director of Admissions gives insight into what colleges are looking for when selecting candidates for admission. Ballinger has his eyes peeled for tough students who have the ability to go against the grain, describing "the best applicants as salmon, swimming upstream tirelessly against the current to meet their goals."

Unfortunately, there is more to the quality of what Ballinger calls "gumption" that gets an applicant on the accepted list. Financial concerns are playing more of a role, especially in the current economy, a factor out of the control of many families:

"These are tough times for college admissions directors. The cost of tuition has skyrocketed. Popular articles question the value of a four-year degree. The state’s flagship university has made room for more international students, attracting top scholars and millions in extra tuition dollars — but sometimes raising the ire of local families when their children don’t get in."

University of Washington receives approximately 26,000 college applications, the largest portion of which are out-of-state, and on average 6,000 are international applicants.

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University of Washington-Seattle Is Updated for the 2012-2013 Season

University of Washington-Seattle with 1 Optional, 1 Special Applicant, & 3 Required Questions is now updated for the 2012-2013 college application season. It was the last school to be updated in the top 200 schools. While there are still some remaining schools that have still not released their applications, the most popular schools all have their applications live, so there is no longer any reason to delay writing those college essays!

There are, however, 31 schools in the top 200 that still have scholarship or program-specific questions that have not yet been released for the new season. These schools have notes above the requirements so that our College Essay Organizer members can clearly see which questions have not yet been confirmed. Know that our researchers continue to check for those remaining questions, and will update them when possible.


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