Don't Miss Our Exclusive Webinar for Educational Consultants -- The New Season Has Officially Begun!

The Common App glitches last year created an incredibly stressful, confusing time for many. Fortunately, our proactive, meticulous approach ensured a successful college essay experience for hundreds of consultants and we're eager to take that to a new level this season. Most IECs have already started with College Essay Organizer for this year, so don't wait -- get started now:

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Join Our Webinar To Kick Off The 2014-2015 Season

Attend our webinar to learn the insider tips and get answers to your questions:

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The Common App & College Essay Organizer

Here's a snapshot of how we do things that no other site, including the Common App, does. A few highlights are listed below:

1 - We won't wait until August 1. We will continue to update essay questions before Aug 1 and notify you of these updates instantly. Last year, through our special protocol, we updated more than 300 schools prior to Aug 1 and we expect to be just as aggressive and ensure 100% accuracy once again this season.

2 - We'll give you all the essay questions for different programs and departments in one easy place. The Common App promised last year to provide all program-specific questions via each Writing Supplement. They weren't even close! Not only did they have hidden or "stealth" essay questions that made things incredibly confusing and cumbersome, but they also failed to provide hundreds of essay questions required for applicants to particular programs and departments. We will provide them all in one place -- instantly. No one else can boast this!

3 - We've got all the scholarship essay questions the Common App doesn't. The Common App has never listed scholarship essay questions for the colleges and has no plans to do so now. But, as always, we'll have them for you. College Essay Organizer had more than 1,000 scholarship essay questions last season, and that number will continue to grow.

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Last Webinar of Summer for Educational Consultants

Join the hundreds of educational consultants who are saving hours of time, working smarter, and growing their businesses with our easy-to-use web tool. If you are ready to bring your college essay practice into the 21st century or want to experience the newest upgrades based on consultant feedback, we welcome you to attend ourfinal summer webinar.

This one-hour webinar will be held on Thursday, August 30, at 1 pm EST.

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We will host other webinars during the fall to ensure members are making the most of College Essay Organizer and to address individual questions. But if you're trying to determine if our website is right for you, be sure to attend this week's webinar --incorporating College Essay Organizer into your practice now will make this back-to-school your smoothest and most successful one yet.

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