Nailing the “Why are you a good match” Question

Are you a good match for the colleges you are applying to?

It’s time to begin writing your supplemental essays for college! It is highly possible that at least one of your schools will ask the intimidating question, “Why are you a good match for our school?” Remembering these useful tips when confronted with a “Why are you a good match” question will both simplify the writing process and set your response apart from other applicants’:

  • Know the Department: Express precise knowledge about the department you are applying to, including specific professors and courses. The more precise your response, the more the admissions officers will think you are genuinely interested in the program.
  • Include the Mission Statement: Admissions officers are conscious of their school’s mission statement; integrating it into your essay will impress the reader of your essay.
  • Keep Up with the School: If political or social activity is buzzing on campus, include it in your essay; you will appear interested in both the academic and social scene of the school.
  • Be Yourself: Always keep your response idiosyncratic. Include fun anecdotes and remain passionate about the school throughout your response.

These tips will not only quicken the time it takes to write your response but will also help you write a concise, appropriate, acceptance-inducing essay.

Please see this article for more tips.

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