What To Do When You're Wait Listed

Professing your love to a college is good, but roses may be a bit too much.

Maybe you were accepted to a couple colleges that you'd be happy with, but you were wait listed to your top choice. How can you distinguish yourself from all the other wait listed students, sometimes numbering into the thousands? Colleges want to know that if they extend an offer it will be accepted. Commitment letters are a constructive and effective way to share your passion with a college and send an update on your accomplishments from the last few months. Make sure to discuss this with your counselor as well so that he or she is willing to reach out to the college and support your efforts. Please see below for the first paragraph of a commitment letter used by one successful applicant, and this link will give you a few more guidelines on what to include:

"Thank you so much for continuing to consider me via your wait list as a member of the University of Pennsylvania’s Class of 2015. Penn is absolutely my top choice, and if I am accepted, I will absolutely attend. My yearning to be a part of, and contribute to, Penn’s extraordinary student experience has grown exponentially in the past few months, and I hope that this letter will demonstrate my sincere commitment."

The student then goes on to discuss the qualities that he liked most about the school and to update the school on his recent most  impressive academic and extracurricular accomplishments.



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