Wheaton College Accepting Applications Through January 31


wheatonYet another school graciously extends its application deadline, in this case, two weeks from 1/15 to 1/31. Here's the heart-warming letter Wheaton sent out to its applicants:

We're deep into reading the thousands of admission applications that arrived before the regular decision deadline yesterday. But we've noticed that there is one application missing: yours.

Just in case you forgot to press the "submit" button, we're happy to announce that you've got until January 31 to send us your Wheaton application. We've had enough experience to know that in the crush of things to do as a college applicant, time and technology (this year) can get the best of you.

Simply return to commonapp.org, ignore the published application deadline, finish filling out the forms you started for Wheaton, and hit "submit"! It's that easy.

One important reminder: Don't forget to tell your counselor and teachers that you are applying to Wheaton so they can submit your transcript and recommendations to complete your file.

Good luck! We look forward to receiving your application very soon!


Gail Berson
Vice President for Enrollment
Dean of Admission and Student Aid

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