You're Not Too Late to Apply Early Decision II

Even if you're waiting to hear back from your Early Decision school, make sure to keep working on your Regular Decision applications so you're not scrambling during your holiday break. The most successful students pace themselves and have a backup plan!

With that in mind, make sure to check out the below list of some of the universities that offer Early Decision II. In the event that you don't get accepted to your Early Decision I school or you held off on early applications to give yourself extra time to boost your test scores and finalize your college list, Early Decision II can be the perfect option. Students gain an admissions edge when committing to a school, but remember it is binding, so make sure you would be thrilled to attend!

American University - Jan. 15
Bates College - Feb. 1
Boston University - Jan. 3
Bowdoin College - Jan. 1
Brandeis University - Jan. 1
Bryn Mawr College - Jan. 1
Bucknell University - Jan. 15
Carleton College - Jan. 15
Claremont McKenna College - Jan. 5
Colby College - Jan. 1
Colgate University - Jan. 15
Colorado College - Jan. 15
Emory University - Jan. 3
George Washington University - Jan. 5
Hamilton College - Jan. 1
Harvey Mudd College - Jan. 5
Haverford College - Jan. 1
Lehigh University - Jan. 1
Middlebury College - Jan. 1
New York University - Jan. 1
Pitzer College - Jan. 1
Pomona College - Jan. 1
Scripps College - Jan. 4
Smith College - Jan. 1
Swarthmore College - Jan. 1
Tufts University - Jan. 1
University of Chicago - Jan. 1
University of Miami - Jan. 1
Vassar College - Jan. 1
Wesleyan University - Jan. 1
Washington University in St. Louis - Jan. 2

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