College Essay Organizer's New Upgrades

College Essay Organizer

New Upgrades for College Essay Organizer!

College Essay Organizer is pleased to reveal a number of key upgrades that have been made for the 2011/2012 season that are already in effect! Let's get to it:

  • Select up to 20 colleges for each client: One of our most frequent requests has now been answered! Each College Essay Organizer account can now select up to 20 colleges instead of the previous limit of 15.
  • Remove essay questions that are not relevant to a client: The Essay RoadMap is now fully modifiable! If you want to remove a question from the list because it doesn't pertain to you or the program you'll be applying to, you can simply click to remove it from the list. Any hidden questions can be un-hidden just as easily.
  • New easy-to-read Essay RoadMap layout: Essay RoadMap is now re-oriented around the questions you're most likely going to have to write, and also includes all the biographical data for each school you'll be applying to, putting all the info you'll need on one easy-to-read page.
  • Upload, edit, and track the status of essay drafts within each account instead of emailing back and forth: College Essay Organizer is now a platform for sharing essays with your advisor, be it a guidance counselor or an independent consultant. You can upload, edit, and make notes on any essay draft from within the Essay RoadMap. You can even mark off which essays have been completed, making your Essay RoadMap also function as a task list for your essay process.
  • Attend our weekly webinars on topics related to the essay process: College Essay Organizer is reaching out in new ways to help as many students, guidance counselors, independent consultants, and parents learn about how to handle the college application process to the best of their abilities. Our weekly webinars will put you in touch with the College Essay Organizer staff and allow your questions to be answered directly, in real time.

These new upgrades have combined to make College Essay Organizer better than it's ever been before. We're always striving to improve, so if you have suggestions on what we can do to improve our work, don't hesitate to let us know!

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College Admissions: What You Need To Know

Zen College Life

Louise Baker from Zen College Life weighs
in on college admissions

Today's blog post comes from Louise Baker at Zen College Life. Zen College Life is a leading source for college and degree information online. Their writing has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on MSN,, The Consumerist, and many other publications and websites.

Going to college can open up a world of opportunities, both personally and professionally. Getting into college, however, has gotten progressively harder in recent years as more and more high school students have realized that attending college can give them the tools for lifelong success that they need. Below are the tips that you need to know, as you navigate the college admissions landscape.

Although you may be tempted to tag along with your high school buddies, as they road trip to the colleges that have the best parties in your area, it is important to do your own research on the schools that you want to attend. Unless you are confident that you want to attend a school, you will not be able to put together an application that convinces a college's admissions offices that you truly want to be at that university. Start by brainstorming the types of degree programs you are interested in and the geographic area you are willing to move to for college. Then begin visiting schools to narrow down factors like the size of the school and type of campus.

Once you have a list of five to seven schools that you would be okay with attending, make sure that among them is at least one or two safety schools. These should be schools that, based upon your SAT I and SAT II scores and your grades you are statistically likely to be admitted to for the fall semester. Hopefully, you will get into several of your choice colleges, but it is important that you have at least one school to attend in the fall. Remember, you can always transfer to another school later on!

Many colleges accept the common application, which means that you only need to write one essay and put together one package of information. Be careful though, as some schools will require supplemental statements. Sending one to the wrong school can mean being disqualified by both schools! Check the schools' requirements for letters of recommendation and make sure that your teachers write yours and send them in well in advance of their due dates so your application is not held up. Call the admissions office after your teachers notify you that they have sent them to confirm the schools' receipt.

Even if you are fairly confident that a school will accept you, you should still go ahead and ask for an interview. This is a time to show off what makes you special, which may be hard for an admissions counselor to see on your paper application. Show up in a suit or other nice outfit and be ready to discuss your favorite books.

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College Essay Organizer at the 2011 IECA Conference

Tiger Techie Postcard

Come by and see us tomorrow!

Tomorrow, May 6th, at 8am, we'll be at the technology seminar at the IECA Conference in Philadelphia. Make sure to stop by and get a sense of what College Essay Organizer can do for you!

This week in Philadelphia has been great. We've had many happy users coming by to introduce themselves in person, and lots of new people getting to know the site and what it can do for them. For those of you who haven't come to the College Essay Organizer booth yet - we're giving special discounts to all who make a purchase at the conference, so come find us and say hello. Most of the time we've been settled in at our table in Salon H.

College Essay Organizer is a product that reveals its benefits best with hands-on experience. We're giving demos all day long and have a lot of new features to show that improve the experience for both student and counselor, including the new Upload Draft feature and the new ways you can manipulate of the Essay RoadMap results to suit your needs. The site's scope and ease of use are improving every day and we're proud to show it off to the people we serve best.

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College Essay Organizer at the 2011 IECA Conference in Philadelphia

IECA In Philadelphia

IECA In Philadelphia

We'll be at the IECA Spring Conference this week in Philadelphia, PA! We invite you all to visit our booth and say hello - we're looking forward to meeting the many people we've emailed and spoken with throughout the year, and to meeting new faces as well. This year, we will be giving away a free CEO master account valued at $200 during the IECA raffle.

We'll have a lot to discuss with IECA members this year, including College Essay Organizer's new improvements. Stop by our booth and we'll discuss with you how you can now:

  • Remove essay questions from the Essay RoadMap that are not relevant to a client
  • Upload, edit, and track status of essay drafts within each client’s account instead of emailing back and forth
  • Gain access to our weekly webinars on topics related to the essay process

It has been a terrific year for us at CEO, in large part because of IECA and its wonderful membership, and we're excited to be joining you in Pennsylvania.

Hope to see you all this week!

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