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College Essay Questions Released for 2011-2012

What makes you tick? Colleges want to know.

Several colleges released their 2011-2012 essay questions this week, giving students an enjoyable way to spend their 4th of July holiday!

Updated schools including University of Colorado-Boulder, Georgetown University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of Michigan-Ann Arbor kept their essay questions the same, but others did not disappoint in delivering more creative options.

As expected, all of the schools kept with the theme of, as one of Tufts’ questions from last year puts it, “What makes you tick?” Tufts replaced it with another question demonstrating that it still wants to get to know its prospective students:

For the second short response we asked you to consider the world around you. Now, consider the world within. Taste in music, food and clothing can make a statement while politics, sports, religion and ethnicity are often defining attributes.  Are you a vegetarian?  A poet?  Do you prefer You Tube or test tubes, Mac or PC?  Are you the drummer in an all-girl rock band?  Do you tinker? Use the richness of your identity to frame your personal outlook.  (200-250 words)

University of Virginia also had a couple of interesting developments in its application, adding a question about its Kinesiology program, and swapping its question related to Mark Bauerlain’s The Dumbest Generation to a more intriguing prompt: “Discuss something you secretly like but pretend not to, or vice versa.”

Definitely thoughts to ponder, while relaxing on the beach this weekend!

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